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Heyl Patterson


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In 2016 Carrier Process Equipment Group, or CPEG, was created as a 100% employee owned holding company to help provide customers with the best bulk handling and processing equipment.

CPEG includes:

Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing

Known for their pioneering thermal processing equipment engineered for handling powders and bulk solids, Heyl Patterson builds reliable rotary dryers, fluid bed dryers & coolers, flash dryers, calciners, and other thermal processors.

Carrier Vibrating Equipment

An industry leader, Carrier specializes in the design and manufacture of vibrating thermal processing and material handling equipment.  Carrier custom engineers each fluid bed dryer and cooler, feeder, conveyor, screener, spiral elevator, flash dryer, and heavy duty foundry shakeout equipment.

S. Howes

With over 160 years of experience, S. Howes is an expert at building robust heavy-duty mixers, blenders, screw conveyors, separators, size reducers, and filters for processing industries.


Sly Inc. has been on the forefront of industrial dust collection and air pollution equipment since 1902 when they registered a patent for the first ever cloth type dust collector.   Every piece of equipment is designed for the specific environment of dusts and pollutants that need to be cleaned.