Heyl Patterson

Flash Dryers and Coolers

Heyl Patterson Flash Dryer

The Heyl Patterson Flash Dryer is used for drying high moisture, temperature-sensitive material, including chemicals, minerals, sludge, food stuffs, plastics, gypsum and pre-drying hemp & wood fibers, with high thermal efficiency. Using the principle of selective processing, this unit ensures that every particle’s resistance time is proportional to its size and weight, resulting in a high quality product that’s free of physical and chemical degradation. We also offer a Rotacurrent and Venturijet design.

We also offer Rotary Dryers & Coolers and Fluid Bed Dryers & Coolers for our customer’s other specifications.

Flash Dryers are the perfect equipment for processing:

  • Alumina
  • Flour
  • Fluorspar
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Polyethylene
  • Sodium Bicarbonate