Heyl Patterson Rotary Dryer Lab Testing
Heyl Patterson

CPEG Test Lab

Dry, Cool, Heat, Convey, Calcine, Evaporate, Classify, Feed, Blend, Mix, Size, Elevate, Flatten, Screen, Sort, Shake, Pelletize

We know that thorough testing is required to solve processing issues for our customers and verify that custom equipment meets the material’s requirements and our customers are confident and familiar with equipment operation.  

Heyl Patterson Lab Testing

As part of Carrier Process Equipment Group, Heyl Patterson has the ability to test material in the full service CPEG Test Lab.  The recently updated 15,000 square foot Test Lab provides the most extensive state-of-the-art bulk material processing test capabilities in the industry.  Our test lab is equipped to run representative pilot scale testing for every type of process equipment we offer.  Access to the full line of CPEG test equipment also means multiple processes can be combined in a single test, allowing for multistep and multistage testing, as well as the ability to recreate actual process line conditions. 

Field Testing & Toll Processing

Field testing abilities are available for situations where in-house testing would not be suitable or able to efficiently match process operating environments. Test size equipment rentals are available for longer term testing, product development, or toll processing.

Data Analysis

Testing is worthless without data, and the CPEG test lab is fully equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and staffed with trained technicians to analyze the test results, provide recommendations, and help solve any issues. Material characteristics and behavior are tracked and analyzed with the use of moisture analyzers, particle size analysis equipment, and computerized data collection.

Heyl Patterson Test Lab Data Analysis

Benefits of CPEG Lab Testing

  • Research and evaluate new equipment designs, processes, and methods.
  • Simulate operating conditions on a small scale to provide data to accurately scale to full equipment.
  • Verify process design requirements to provide optimum sizing of all equipment to increase efficiency of new and existing processing lines.
  • Mutual Confidentiality Agreements, as needed, to respect  privacy and industry secrecy.
  • Flexible facility schedule to work within time constraints.
  • On site visits for your team to tour our facility and witness lab testing.  Photos and videos of testing are available to send when in person visits are not possible.

Shipping Test Material

Three cubic ft. or a 55-gallon drum of representative material is required for testing. Material should be shipped freight prepaid, in a returnable shipping container.

Note: A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be affixed to the outside of the shipping container. No test material can be opened or handled without proper documentation of material composition and the associated safety precautions to be taken by our staff. If you do not have a formal MSDS, a blank form can be faxed to you for completion. Test material will be returned to you upon completion of tests.