Heyl Patterson

Minerals Processing For Lithium-Ion Batteries

Heyl Patterson’s rotary calciners provide efficient processing of minerals used to manufacture lithium-ion batteries. From minerals used in anodes such as metallic-lithium, natural and artificial graphite, activated carbon, carbon black, lithium titanate, tin-based alloys, and silicon-based materials, to materials used in cathodes such as oxides of lithium manganese, lithium cobalt, and nickel cobalt, lithium-ion phosphate, and electronic conducting polymers, Heyl Patterson’s rotary calciners provide high-temperature processing in a controlled environment.

Rotary Calciner Features & Benefits:

  • Custom sizes
  • High-temperature enclosed shell design
  • Inert, oxidizing, reducing, or dehumidifier process atmospheres
  • Co-current and counter-current material/gas flow designs
  • Multiple heating zone configurations
  • Plug flow operation for product uniformity
  • Integral coolers
  • Adjustable retention time
  • Recuperative or regenerative burner systems prevent overheating
  • Accurate bed temperature control with wireless telemetry for improved processing
  • Custom-designed internal shell components provide maximum heat and mass transfer
  • Innovative seal designs for hazard mitigation

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Minerals Testing

Test a variety of minerals with a Heyl Patterson rotary calciner at our state-of-the-art test facility. Multistep and multistage testing with additional CPEG test equipment can be conducted to help validate equipment and processes.