A biomass plant with pipes and water
Heyl Patterson

Biomass Processing Equipment: The Importance of Quality

A biomass plant with pipes and water

Biomass is considered one of the most viable renewable energy sources, known as biomass energy that can potentially reduce our planet’s carbon footprint. The organic material (biomass) stores the sun’s energy, which is extracted and transformed into usable energy using various methods, such as direct combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, and anaerobic digestion. Before biomass can be converted into usable electricity, gas, or fuel, the biomass feedstock needs to be gathered and processed.

Converting biomass involves processing various organic materials such as wood chips and pellets, agricultural residues like nut shells and bagasse, and animal and municipal waste, each requiring specific equipment to handle the processing.

However, without the correct processing equipment, biomass conversion projects can fail, resulting in costly and time-consuming repairs and inefficiencies within the process.

That is why working with the right biomass processing equipment is important. Not only that, the equipment’s quality also contributes to reducing downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs.

Benefits Of Using The Right Biomass Conversion Equipment

Some of the benefits of using suitable high-quality equipment to process biomass are:

Efficient Processes

Heyl Patterson thermal process systems are fully integrated solutions that include drying, carbonization, activation, and cooling. Many biomass conversion processes are net energy positive, meaning that more energy is produced than is required for the conversion process. For these systems, the energy produced from the combustion of pyrolysis gas can be directly used for the energy demands of the drying and carbonization processes. This energy recovery results in very high system thermal efficiency, which allows many financially strapped projects to proceed with optimal returns. Some processes will result in excess energy, which can be converted to electricity to satisfy the system’s power demand or supply back to the power grid.

Better for the Environment

The higher efficiency systems will produce less emissions like NOx, CO, and particulate matter as an added benefit. Emission control equipment will be significantly smaller due to the reduced system exhaust gas flow, therefore lowering the capital expenditure for the entire project.

Heyl Patterson’s equipment will reliably produce advanced carbon products. The uniformity and high quality of the carbon products from our equipment allow our Customers to reach wider industry applications with improved field results that are better for the environment.

Hely Patterson has the necessary experience to expertly guide you in selecting the best biomass conversion solution for your thermal processing needs while being environmentally friendly.

Avoiding Common Problems

Biomass processing involves processing a variety of organic feedstock. Material characteristics such as flow behavior, moisture content, nesting potential, and particle size can all impact the success of thermal processing. It takes special handling to work with different feedstock. For example, wood chips or wood waste materials tend to form bridges, making the biomass very difficult to move causing interruptions in the process. Heyl Patterson has experience with many different biomass feedstocks and can provide the proper material handling equipment for guaranteed process performance.

Biomass processing can be sensitive to thermal changes that could lead to heat exchange surface fouling, duct plugging or failed instrumentation. The potentially high level of condensable hydrocarbons must be handled with the right equipment design and a robust control strategy. Heyl Patterson has experience with many different biomass feedstocks and can provide the proper gas-handling equipment for guaranteed process performance.

While all equipment is prone to wear and tear over time, poorer quality processing equipment is more susceptible and will break down quicker, leading to production problems and escalating costs. Heyl Patterson is known in the industry for providing sound-engineered technical solutions backed by robust equipment design and manufacture.

Why You Should Use High-Quality Heyl Patterson Biomass Conversion Equipment

Heyl Patterson has been producing high-quality and energy-efficient processing equipment since 1874. Our customized processing solutions designed by our team of experienced engineers and craftsmen have been proven to work. Our various processing equipment has longer life spans, giving our customers efficiencies in processing and peace of mind that their biomass processing projects are well taken care of.

To learn more about our high-quality biomass processing equipment, contact our team today.