Green sorghum agriculture field with sky background.
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The Benefits of Rotary Coolers in Agriculture

Green sorghum agriculture field with sky background.

The bulk solid industry is one of the most diverse industries. It serves several sectors, such as coal and mining, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and agriculture.

Bulk solids are subject to a wide range of processes from blending and squashing to heating, drying, and cooling on a large scale. Thermal processing is crucial in all modern industries dealing with bulk solids.

While several kinds of machines are available for thermal processing, rotary dryers, and coolers have been the favorite of most processors for decades.

Let’s explore how they work and why they are the most preferred processing equipment.

What Rotary Coolers are Used For

Rotary coolers are employed in industries to lower the temperature of incoming materials, ensuring safe handling for downstream personnel and equipment. Cooling also serves to avoid caking, mold, or bacterial development during transportation or storage.

Rotary coolers feed the material in a direction counter to the cooled air flow for optimal efficiency. Flights catch and drop the material through the airflow for maximum heat transfer.

The rotating drum’s tumbling action scrubs and polishes the granules, resulting in a superior end product.

Why Choose Rotary Dryers and Coolers

Rotary dryers and coolers offer many benefits that contribute to their industry popularity. Let’s take a closer look at some of these advantages: 

Remarkable Build and Reliability

Industrial operations require equipment that can withstand continuous use. Rotary dryers and coolers are the industry’s workhorses because of their robust construction and reliable performance. They also ensure low maintenance, minimal downtime, and reduced energy usage.

Impressive Productivity

The bulk solids industry usually deals with high volumes. Rotary dryers and coolers are heavy-duty machines that efficiently handle large quantities of material. They can process at a rate of 1 TPH to more than 200 TPH, enhancing productivity and decreasing processing times.

Consistent Handling of Variance

Rotary dryers and coolers deliver consistent-quality outputs despite feedstock variations. The drum’s flights lift and cascade material, preventing clumps and ensuring uniform drying without damage. Whether handling lumpy, wet, or dry materials, rotary equipment produces uniform end products.


In industrial process equipment, often, one size does not fit all. Different materials have different characteristics. Moreover, factors such as airflow pattern and velocity, flight design, retention time, and volume affect the optimum processing efficiency of the equipment.

Rotary dryers and coolers can be customized to suit unique processing needs and material characteristics such as moisture level, thermal properties, fragility, size, etc.

Applications of Rotary Equipment in Agriculture

Rotary dryers and coolers are essential in several industries, including agriculture. In agriculture, rotary machines are preferable in several applications due to their high productivity and reliability.

  • Seed Coating – Rotary dryers and coolers are vital in seed coating processes. They ensure uniform drying/cooling and prevent material clumping, improving adhesion and more consistent seed performance.
  • Fertilizer Processing – Properly cooled fertilizers retain their nutrients and potency. Rotary coolers help to maintain fertilizer quality, sustaining optimal crop growth.
  • Animal Feed – Whether it’s varying DDGS moisture levels or the intricate composition of DCP and MCP, these machines ensure uniform processing. The outcome is a nutrition-rich feed ingredient that aligns with precise feed formulations.

Choose the Right Rotary Equipment Provider

As the agricultural sector grows, processors need to invest in robust processing equipment to ensure efficient operations.

Heyl Patterson rotary dryers and coolers are among the most versatile processing equipment, capable of handling a wide range of bulk solids regardless of their characteristics.

Our experts will help you customize your processes with versatile rotary equipment for quality output. Our state-of-the-art testing facility is equipped to meet all your application objectives.

Contact us today to request a quote or learn more about how we can assist you in optimizing your agricultural processes.