Calciner for Battery Manufacturing
Heyl Patterson

Customizable Solutions: Heyl Patterson’s Rotary Calciners

Calciner for Battery Manufacturing

Rotary calciners (also called rotary kilns) are fundamental in several industries. They are crucial for high-temperature material processing in enclosed spaces.

Rotary calciners differ from direct-fired kilns, which involve direct product-medium contact. Instead, calciners contain a rotating drum in an externally heated furnace. They transfer heat to the material through convection or radiation.

Heyl Patterson, well-known in material processing, offers versatile and customizable rotary calciners for various industries. With value-added features, customizations, and exhaustive testing, HP’s rotary calciners promise efficiency and cost-effectiveness with sustainability.

Heyl Patterson Rotary Calciners: Features

HP rotary calciners continuously process bulk materials using indirect heating at medium to high temperatures. They can work with various heat sources, including gas-based, electricity-based, or steam-based systems. These calciners are tailored to handle materials ranging from fine and dusty to oxidation-sensitive, heat-sensitive, potentially contaminating, and combustible.

HP calciners are perfect for various materials like chemicals, coal, minerals, activated carbon, biomass, fly ash, and catalysts to ensure absolute material and heat source separation.

Key Features:

  • Temperature Zones: HP calciners feature heat zones that can be controlled independently.
  • Adjustable Retention Time: The calciners allow for the adjustment of retention time. It ensures precise control over temperature and moisture.
  • Innovative Seals: Hazard mitigation is a priority, and these calciners boast innovative seal designs to ensure safety.
  • Plug Flow Operation: This promotes product uniformity, a critical factor in industries.
  • Bed Temperature Control: The calciners offer enhanced temperature control with wireless telemetry.
  • Wide Range: HP rotary calciners come in various designs, ranging from 4 inches to over 10 feet in diameter and lengths over 100 feet.

Customization and Integration

One of the standout features of HP’s rotary calciners is their complete customizability for maximum efficiency and profitability. These calciners can be customized for specific process atmospheres, multiple heating zones, and even special construction materials.

Moreover, they can be integrated into systems that include material feeding equipment and air pollution and emissions control equipment like baghouses, scrubbers, cyclones, and thermal oxidizers.

Options for Customization:

  • Rotary Seals: Various expandable and dust-tight rotary seal designs cater to specific atmospheres and pressure conditions.
  • Drive Systems: The slope and processing speed can be adjusted, and auxiliary/emergency drive systems are available.
  • Burner & Temperature Systems: Recuperative or regenerative burner systems prevent overheating, with internal bed temperature measuring for precise control.
  • Automatic Lubrication: Built-in lubrication systems facilitate regular maintenance.
  • Robust Design: Specific construction materials and shell designs that withstand extreme temperatures up to 2200°F (1200°C) are available.
  • Cooling: Indirect water-spray coolers integrated into the calciner accelerate material cooling before discharge.

Lab Testing for Precision

Thorough testing is essential for several reasons. It resolves processing issues, calibrates the equipment to meet specific requirements, and familiarizes customers with its operation.

To achieve the perfect customization for your specific needs, Heyl Patterson leverages its cutting-edge CPEG Test Lab. With a vast 15,000-square-foot facility, this lab offers the industry’s most extensive state-of-the-art bulk material processing test capabilities. The lab can replicate actual process line conditions from pilot-scale testing to multistep and multistage testing.

Benefits of CPEG Lab Testing:

  • Research and evaluation of new equipment designs and processes
  • Simulate operating conditions on a small scale for precise scaling
  • Verify process design requirements for optimum equipment sizing
  • Mutual Confidentiality Agreements for privacy and industry secrecy
  • On-site visits and testing documentation for convenience and transparency

Choose the Right Equipment Manufacturer

Heyl Patterson’s rotary calciners are high-quality equipment and a testament to innovation, adaptability, and customization.

Our calciners are a boon to industries worldwide with numerous benefits and extensive customizations. And thanks to our advanced Test Lab, you can be confident that your Heyl Patterson calciner is meticulously designed to meet your specific needs.

Reach out today to learn how our rotary calciners can revolutionize your material processing needs.